Who Are the Janksters?

What is a Jankster?

JANKSTER [jank-ster]

Janky [JANK-y]: Using a creative solution to make something work

We’ve asked around our group members and asked them who the Janksters are:

“A Jankster is someone who is able to make things work and is crazy.” “[A Jankster] is a person who can make anything happen.” “[Being a Jankster is when] I can play with power tools, wires, and electricity without getting in trouble.”

Your typical Jankster lurks in the robotics room across from D107 in Donnelly Hall at Notre Dame. They’re always up to something, whether it be drawing crazy doodles on the whiteboard or buffing up our robot (which is named after a server at Ben n’ Jerry’s; where we go to celebrate after the robot is completed) for the competition. One might even catch sight of a group of Janksters in search for hidden clues around downtown San Jose during our scavenger hunt..

It seems as if these “Janksters” are different from person to person, all while keeping their “essence of Janky.”

“Someone who promotes the essence of a Janky! Janky is when you manage to make things look professional yet student-built at the same time.”

This indescribable phenomenon is found most commonly amongst the community of the Janksters. However, studies have shown that this essence follows people through college , and quite possibly the rest of their lives. The essence of Janky, according to a senior, is “being professional, with bits of Jankiness to remind you that it’s still a Janky construct.”

Still confused? Well, the best way to find out what a Jankster is… is to meet them!