About Us

The Notre Dame Robotics Team, the Janksters, is an all girls team from San Jose, California. We maintain a student-run team and create a student-built robot. We hope to exemplify the spirit of our school and the representation of women in the robotics, technology, and engineering fields.

We are a diverse group of young women who have many different skills and interests which include mechanical, marketing, programming, and electronics.

Our mentors have backgrounds in robotics, engineering, programming, marketing and project management. Our mentors play a large part in our team by teaching us valuable skills. They provide us with knowledge to develop skills in the preseason and they help us learn how to think critically, especially during the build season.

Any student at Notre Dame High School can develop her hidden talents on the team. As a Jankster, girls are valued not just for their skills in math and science, but for their passion in whatever they do. Whether it’s wiring the robot, writing a press release, or learning a new programming language, each Jankster brings her unique talents to the group.

We are not just a team – we are a supportive community of students, mentors, and parents. This support system allows all students to feel comfortable expressing themselves through their work, and to feel safe asking for help from older students or mentors. In turn, older students take on the important task of educating younger members, so that everyone has the skills they need to succeed at robotics and at life.

We know that competition isn’t about who wins or loses. Rather, we focus on creating a unique, student-built robot that addresses our challenges in innovative ways. We believe that the pressure of competition should never overcome the spirit of community that we have built here as our robotics team.

Team Photo 2015

Team 1967 with their 2015 robot, Grace.