Silicon Valley Regional (SVR)

From the cheering in the stands, to all the incredible robots, to even the avid button collecting, the excitement at SVR was contagious. I spent my time at SVR rotating between scouting, data entry, and programming, however I also fun going to the “FIRST Day” Nvidia hosted at their tech conference. It was really rewarding to be able to see our robot compete, especially seeing it scale the tower. And at the end of the competition, winning the Spirit Award and getting to high five the long line of judges was definitely a great note to end the regional on!

Anisha Kabir

Class of 2019

I had a great time at SVR, seeing all of the other robots and competing with all of the other teams. Although we did have some communication problems in the beginning of the competition, thanks to the help of a countless number of teams and individuals, we were able to figure out our problems and perform well out on the field. The entire team was so excited to see Cierra breach, scale, and defend in our last matches, and our energy definitely skyrocketed. When we won the spirit award at the end of SVR, it was great to see all of the team members’ excitement as they rushed to high five the judges. SVR was a great experience and I was so happy to see all of the growth Cierra and the team members went through.

Paulina Robles

Class of 2017

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