End of Build Season

My first build season as a part of Team 1967 was certainly an experience that I never would have had, hadn’t I joined Robotics. As a part of the Programming Committee, one of the main things we had to do before starting to work on our code was to go talk to the other committees to get a sense of which components we needed to program. At first, this task seemed very daunting to me, as I am naturally a very shy person, but after a while, I noticed that talking to others seemed to get easier and easier. Now, it doesn’t bother me at all to go talk to members of other committees, which is a rather large accomplishment for me. My favorite part of build season was Robot Reveal Night, because it was quite gratifying to see that all of our hard work hadn’t been for nothing, and had resulted in a functional robot.

Nandana Suresh

Class of 2019

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