Week 5 of Build

The team has been pushing to finish the robot during Week 5, finishing up all of the CAD and beginning to assemble the robot itself. As co-head of mechanical who is trying to balance both outreach work for Chairman’s and robot work, it’s been a pretty hectic week as I’ve been jumping around between working on award-related material and pushing my subgroup, the point-scoring mechanism, to finish everything on CAD and begin to put together the mechanism while keeping them on task. It’s been great to see everyone step up more and really realize the fact that we have a lot of work to do, yet so little time to do it before both Robot Reveal Night and Bag and Tag. I’m really looking forward to seeing how our robot turns out during Week 6!

Tiffany Ta

Class of 2017

As a rookie marketer, I’ve been learning a lot. This week, we’ve finished making all of our buttons for competition. We’ve also finished making all of our team bows and are about halfway done with making our giveaways. The most fun part of being a part of the team has been writing thank-you cards to people who have helped the team. This past week, we held a little Valentine’s Day event for our mentors. We 3D printed little keychains in the shape of a heart with gears to show our thanks for our mentors for working with us over the long weekend. I’m looking forward to attending my first robotics competition.

Emily Duh

Class of 2019

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