Week 3 of Build

I am in mechanical and in the Chassis subgroup. I am also the Chassis subgroup leader. This week we have accomplished all of the gearboxes and the CAD is almost done, but had to have minor fixes. We got our metal and tonight (January 31) Mr. Mula would try to laserjet the metal. This week we also put in almost all of our order forms, so the parts should be coming in soon. The most fun part of build season would be building the gear boxes. I like the gear boxes because it gave my hands something to do. I also liked learning about what a two speed transmission gear box. I also really like playing with grease and with locktight. Training rookies are hard, but fun. I found it hard because sometimes I would not have a job for them and they would goof off and they sometimes don’t listen to me. But it can be really fun because I got to bond with new people and with people that I would not normally hang out with. I also got to get to know how they work and how I can improve their perspective on robotics.
Amber Kesapradist
Class of 2018
I am in the electronics committee and this week, my committee members and I have finished cadding the side board and and adding components on it. So far my favorite part of build season has been working on tasks with my committee form brainstorming to designing and cadding.  Spending time and bonding with them makes build season a lot more fun.   Additionally, training rookies is always an enjoyable experience as you can get to see how much you know and spread your knowledge to others.
Clare Tan
Class of 2017

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