Week 1 of Build

Being a rookie at the same time as being involved in other activities makes the opening weeks of build season that much more hectic but also so much more exciting. This past week marked the end of Week 2 of Build Season, which consisted of a lot of brainstorming and research. To make this process more efficient, my committee (mechanical) split into subgroups to tackle different components of the robot. I was assigned to the Scaling Subgroup to design a mechanism that can scale the tower in less than 15 seconds at the end of the match. My favorite part is seeing all these crazy ideas start to form something that is becoming more realistic. After much discussion and troubleshooting, we started finalizing factors like how actual mechanism will function, materials we will use, and solving any issues that we come across.

Katie McLaughlin

Class of 2019

This week was not as fast paced as last week, but we still got a lot done! This week my group and I (field elements) did much more CAD work, and we started working on the driver’s station! The new and updated driver’s station is much lighter and much more sleek than our last one. I’m excited to see what this upcoming week holds for field elements!!

Anya Thakur

Class of 2017