Becoming a Jankster

People always say that freshmen are “fresh meat”. I was terrified at the thought that I would be lost or unwelcome in a new to high school and a new home, even though I had several of my friends coming to Notre Dame with me. Yet, meeting the Janksters for the first time at Robotics Boot Camp 2015 made me realize that the team members weren’t about seniority and upper class priorities, but I saw how greatly the words friendship and fun bonded each of them to one another. Through the various workshops and introductions to different committees, I have not only been able to make new friends and memories, but I learned basic robotics skills that would eventually accumulate to bigger contributions in the future. Although I lean more towards building the next robot with the Mechanical Committee because of the activities I enjoyed in Boot Camp over the summer, I’m extremely excited to work with all the Janksters and solve all of our problems together.

Jayel Ambat

Class of 2019