Fifth Week

Robotics has been a really fun experience for me. Our entire team has been getting to know each other and we treat one another as our own family. As a rookie, I did not know what to expect, but being a part of Marketing has helped me learn many things like editing a website and learning about Photoshop. This week will be an intense week as Mechanical started to build the robot. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how our robot will turn out!

– Amritha Sankarappan

Class of 2018

This week was pretty crazy as we all started to feel the pressure of finishing our robot for Robot Reveal Night. I could tell that the mechanical and electronics committee were picking up their pace, setting priorities, and working very diligently. I’m on the programming and committee, and we were hard at work on our code. Even with our intense focus that allowed us to progress a lot throughout this week, we still managed to find time to have fun. I remember one day I stayed late with Natasha, another member on the programming committee, and we had lots of fun alternating from debugging our code to laughing at High School Musical videos.

– Kimberly Zhang

Class of 2016