As a rookie attending Cal Games, I could not have imagined the level of energy present. Patches of colors, some big, some small, decorated the stands, as teams sat together anticipating the beginning of the competition. At first I was overwhelmed and thankful to have the rest of the team with me. The highlight of Cal Games was when some of the mascots ran across the front of the stands waving their team’s flag. The entire gym was alive with activity and there was never once a dull moment. I can’t wait for the next competition and a chance to be fully active and enthusiastic member of the jankster team!

– Natasha Palamuttam

Class of 2015

I had an exhilarating experience at Calgames 2014. It was my second time at this off-season event, but this was the best off-season event I have ever been too! This time, I was able to take a leadership position. I had a group of rookies with me and I guided them over the course of two days. My most favorite part of Calgames was the mini spirit-off the Janksters had against the Wildhats. It was all fun and games but it was definitely a fun experience.

–Anya Thakur

Class of 2017