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Robot Reveal Night POVs

Robot Reveal Night was a chance to see everyone’s hard work come together. My parents and friends had finally gotten to see what I had been working on, and see how well everything turned out. I got to answer questions about my Committee and clarify any misunderstandings.

Ria Nair

Class of 2021

This was my first Robot Reveal Night and I think that it was amazing. The speeches weren’t like those typical, boring speeches they give at events; they were funny and attention-grabbing! Also, everyone did a good job in explaining the robot. I also liked the food!

Dania Hanif

Class of 2020

Robot Reveal Night has always been incredibly eyeopening! From the speeches given by members of our own team about the six week process of building a robot, to the final reveal of a functioning and driving robot, this night is the one of the biggest events for the team. I loved the way that our parents, teachers and classmates came to support us and witness all of our hard-work paying off in the form of our extremely tall robot this year. In my opinion, this night is always a motivational boost in order to get through the last 3 days of the build season!

Zenaz Sarkari

Class of 2019

RRN was a great way for us to show off the countless hours of work we put into the robot, and to teach our friends and family about what we did. It was also the first time I saw the robot move, which was pretty exciting. Since this is my last build season, it was just really amazing to see everything come together at the end.

Nikita Jagdish

Class of 2018