Steamworks 2017


In this competition, two three-team alliances prepare their airships for a steam-powered battle.

Each alliance must:

  1. Build steam pressure. This is done by collecting fuels (balls) and scoring into a boiler’s high and/or low efficiency goals. This builds pressure with the high efficiency goal utilizing less fuel than the low one.
  2. Start rotors. After delivering gears to their airship , the humans players stationed there can turn a crank to start the complete gear train rotors.
  3. Prepare for flight. At the end of the match, robots must latch on to and ascend a rope at their airship to signal that they are ready for take it off.

The match begins with a 15- second autonomous period, in which the robot is pre-programmed. This is followed by a 2 min 15 sec teleoperated period, in which student drives control their robot. Points are earned by shooting fuel, turning rotors, and being ready for takeoff.


Click here for the game manual. Click here for a more detailed overview of the game by FIRST.


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