Week 3-5 Build POVS

Through weeks 3-5, we pretty much made the whole robot. It was super fun watching the robot come to life from drawings in a notebook to a real-life robot. In these past couple weeks, I have learned so much about CAD and everything else in mechanical.

Ella Hedman

Class of 2021

Build season has been a mix of fun and intense. I am a co-lead of the In n’ Out group and for the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on the finishing up our CAD and manufacturing and assembling our mechanism. It’s been really great teaching Leela, the rookie in my group, new things, especially in CAD. I’ve grown really close to the other members of my group too.

Lily Johnson

Class of 2019

These past few weeks, the programming committee has made a lot of progress with vision tracking, autonomous, and game component code. Each group is working on something new for this year, and it’s really exciting to be involved in the technical growth of our committee. I’m in the vision tracking group and we just finished finding the distance from the camera to the reflective tape. We hope to find the angle from the camera to the tape and connect the Jetson to the roboRIO in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to see our code run on the robot.

Elaine Duh

Class of 2018

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