Week 2 Build POVS

Electronics has been quite busy this week. We’ve made great progress on our CAD for our boards, though the design has ended up being changed, and on our CAD for several other components we had to work on. I personally have been working on the horizontal electronics board and, from time to time, fixing up the programming robot for Programming to be able to test their code. Build Season is definitely getting more intense now, but I’m still really excited to see how it all turns out in the remaining upcoming weeks.

Srija Ponna

Class of 2020

For the past week in the programming committee, we’ve been working on a couple of different projects. There’s one group working on programming the different game components on the robot, another autonomous focused group, and a vision tracking group that’s working on integrating the Jetson TX1 with our robot. I’m in the autonomous focused group and we’ve just started working on a PID controller with the gyro to accomplish some of the various turns in our autonomous routes. This is around the time of the season in which I’ve begrudgingly adapted to school being my primary home, and so far, it’s been a fun couple of weeks.
Anisha Kabir
Class of 2019

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