Build Season Week 5 Update


By Lisha Sebastian ‘21 and Angela Zheng ‘20


In week 5 of Build Season, the Janksters gathered together to engineer the prototype robot before assembling the final robot.


Chassis worked on spacing for the test robot as well as the axles and chain for the competition bot.


Game Component 1 worked on the frame of the robot while also working on the cross beams on top. The clamp arms were cut and sanded for the pivot arm. They attached motors and gearboxes onto the robot.


Game Component 2 finished putting together their mechanism for the robot. They also ordered the polyurethane tubing, more ⅜ inch shaft collars, and milled holes for the baby sliders.


Many Projects started marking the placements of the mounts with Chassis. They also started drilling holes for the bracket to attach onto the side mounts.


Programming programmed the encoder on the In and Out mechanism and finished the autonomous code with Game Component 2. They worked on figuring out Bhow to have a better resolution display from the camera.


Electronics cut and attached connectors to the robot while finishing limit switch mounts for In and Out. They fixed Camera 1 and finished labeling nuts and bolts for the prototype robot.


Business finalized the back of the T-shirt.They also submitted their entry for the Chairman’s Award. Robot Reveal Night preparations are underway and invitations are being sent out. Don’t miss out on seeing our robot on February 17th from 6:00-8:00pm at Notre Dame!

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