Build Season Week 4 Update


By Lisha Sebastian ‘21 and Ria Nair ‘21


At the end of Week 4, the Janskers finished CAD and now focusing on manufacturing and assembling parts for the robot.


Chassis cut shafts for outside wheels while doing CAD a shaft. They also replaced short inputs with longer ones, removed bearings, and redid their spacing. Towards the end of the week, they made grooves for the shafts.


Many Projects pressed the team numbers onto the fabric for the bumpers and then stapled the fabric to the bumpers. They designed the mounts for the bumpers and began cutting them. Finally, they CADed the bumpers.


Game Component One completed CAD, drilled holes in their bearing carriages, and found and ordered the parts. They also milled bearing holes on 2×1 beams and started constructing some bearing carriages. Before the end of the week, they assembled the bearing carriages and gearboxes.


Game Component Two finished the motor mount and completed CAD. They also started manufacturing the arms for our robot and ordered many parts. They’ve added in electronics’  limit switch mount, milled the clamp arms and the support shafts for both robots, and sent out the correct waterjet files for the clamp arms.


Programming reattached the d-link to Pepper Ann (last season’s robot which is being used to test code) while working on finding the distance from the camera to the reflective tape. They also planned out different actions in autonomous mode.


Electronics found a new encoder while fixing programming communication. They tested Camera 1 and discussed potential materials. They 3D printed and tested their designed RoboRio mounts. They also finished mapping organization, mounting batteries, and wiring extra batteries


Business has almost finished planning and organizing our annual Robot Reveal Night. They’ve also been busy preparing a special event for mentors.


As we continue through the build season, keep an eye out on our social media for updates on the progress of our robot!

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