Build Season Week 3 Update


By Ria Nair ‘21 and Angela Zheng ‘20


As week 3 is coming to an end, the Janskers are in the process of finalizing their plans and beginning to manufacture the robot.


At the beginning of week 3, Chassis finished cutting out the frame for the robot and finished making CAD drawing for the mill. They also started using the mill to manufacture parts and started drilling holes in chassis frame.


Game Component One continued working on CAD, made basic calculations for chains, gear ratios, and 3D printed many small parts. Later in the week, they mostly finished their mechanism, but they are still working on the gearboxes. They also determined sprocket placement, figured out what gear ratio they are using for their gearboxes, ordered parts, and cut side plates for the bearing carriages.


Game Component Two continued to CAD up their parts, and are finalizing the angles and sizes of the pistons. They also worked on solving math equations to figure out the center of gravity of the pivot arm they are currently manufacturing.


Many Projects have made significant progress on the robot’s bumpers as well as helped out with the LEAD program, an event the Janksters hold annually for to introduce 7th graders into STEM.  


This week programming tested gyro on programming robot, wrote code to drive straight with gyro in autonomous, talked to mechanical about changes to in&out, and fixed vision processing error. They  changed the IDs on the programming robot for the talons so it matches their code, tested straight driving code, got the robot to detect tape from a distance, got program to draw corners of tape on Jetson.


Electronics completed printing both camera mounts. The camera mount allows the drive team to have adjustable vision when driving the robot. They also enabled the gyro to be programmed.

Business finalized the bumper fonts to give to Many Projects to print out. They wrote and posted a Week 2 Update Article and a Throwback Thursday post to Twitter. Business continued to work on their sponsorship packet, made progress on the t-shirt design, and completed their banner design.

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