Week 1 Build POVs

This year’s Kickoff was the first I’d attended, yet it wasn’t difficult to feel closely involved with the process – we all had the opportunity to brainstorm prototypes for this year’s robot, and doing so really helped me think critically about the game and the potential mechanisms that could be used. During the week, my prototyping groups came up with a mechanism resembling a hug, a system using rollers to move the power cube, and others; after that, my committee (programming) set to work getting all of our devices up to speed for this year’s game, and considering potential sensors to implement and how to code them. Many people envision robotics as the frantic rush of physically constructing a robot, but this week allowed us to experience the careful planning and diversity of ideas that go into creating a viable design, which is just as critical.

Sandhya Ganesan

Class of 2021

Week one was extremely fun because my group (intake– output) got to prototype and test different ideas. We made a list of requirements of what we want our mechanism to do. We also built prototypes and had a lot of mentors to help us out!

Shivani Vazirani

Class of 2020

The first week of build season has gone by really fast. Electronics has been doing  research about sensors that we might be using for this year’s game while mechanical finishes prototyping. We’ve also been working on small projects that branch out from electronics which has been engaging and fun. This year’s game is really interesting and I’m looking forward to our strategy and seeing how other teams plan theirs.

Emily Duh

Class of 2019

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