Build Season Week 2 Update


This week the Janksters divided into seven groups: chassis, game component 1, game component 2, many projects, programming, electronics, and business.


At the beginning of the week, Chassis discussed the placement of the back cross brace with electronics and began CADing the gearboxes,wheels, shaft, and encoders. They also discussed the placement of the gearboxes to ensure the robot wouldn’t tip over too easily.


Early this week, Game Component 1 finalized their design, began preliminary CAD, ordered parts, and started 3D printing parts. Later in week 2, continued CAD, discussed camera mounting, and started gearbox calculations. Towards the end of the week, game component 1 nearly finished CAD and decided on gearboxes, sprockets, chains, and encoders. Game Components Two ordered parts, continued building the arms, and did various calculations to figure out the ratios for the pivot arm motors.  Many Projects had a productive week with finishing building the scale and the exchange portal. After completing these two big projects, they are starting on the bumper configuration.


In the beginning of week 2, Programming programmed pistons for game component 2, and started programming for game component 2. Later in the week, they finished the code for game component 2, finished the chassis code, discussed camera placement with electronics and mechanical, finished code for game component 1, and learned how to operate the jetson. At the end of the week, programming coded the buttons to move the robot, and started the vision processing code.


To start off week two, Electronics began CADing up their parts and ordering some of the parts. They have also editing and 3D printed parts which include the Jetson, camera, and lights mounts. They have also been communicating with other committees to figure out the dimensions of the parts going on the robot.


Early in week 2, business finished order forms for t-shirts and jackets, started designing the t-shirt and button, finished the clipboards, completed LEAD program handouts, and finished the cost analysis worksheet for giveaways. Later in the week, they finalized the tie design, worked on updates and social media posts, and explored further into photoshop. Towards the end of week 2, the weekly video was finished, made major progress on the sponsorship packet and chairman’s essay.

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