It was an interesting experience. I got to hear a bunch of different people speak. My favorite one was a neurosurgeon space engineer at SSL and she was telling us about how she built all these different rockets and her thought process from high school to college and how she got to the job she has now. She was really inspiring and we also got to build these little mechanisms and machines where you could carry little marshmallows and airplane them all the way to the ground and cushion them so they don’t fall on their face. And then it made me realize how much goes into designing everything. ‘Cause when you design a spaceship, for one thing, you have to get up. But you need to go down and you can’t get the little astronauts or the marshmallows inside. So I learned a lot.

KK Kumar

Class of 2020

I attended the bio-engineering workshop. It was interesting because she showed us the different aspects of bioengineering. She talked about, if I remember correctly, she talked about how there’s like device sector where they create devices. Then there’s also a bit of the biology sector which is a lot of the lab work. Then she touched on the detrimental academy, which is like research and universities and the industry. She talked about how academia is about like creating new things and improving stuff about the world and engineering. The industry is about making the biggest amount- not biggest, but special and all that most outputs they want to create the best ways NASA product. She talked about network products working which was interesting and helped us figure out how networking works and why it’s important.

Miranda Godinez

Class of 2018

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