Week 1 Build POVs

It was fun to be involved in the idea process and know that the ideas you came up with would be incorporated into the robot at the end of the 6 week build period. I liked talking to people and bouncing ideas off each other and getting guidance because it was a new experience for me. I’m excited for the design process and coming up with ideas to boost morale and team energy.

Sakshi Shrivastava

Class of 2020


Build season was really good. We came up with a bunch of different ideas for prototypes, but there were some pros and cons for each, so now we’re deciding what we’re gonna go with. We’re making a prototype that actually works and we’re going to see if we can pull this together. I’m excited to see if this gear-picking-up mechanism works.

KK Kumar

Class of 2020

It was interesting because I haven’t really done anything like this before, so it was interesting to see how everyone broke up into different groups, and everyone had different ideas, and at the end, we would have wrap-up, and we would all share each other’s ideas and we could give each other advice. Even though I’m not in chassis, I’m excited to see the main chassis. It’s harder to envision it when there’s nothing there now, but when everything’s put together, we can see how everything’s going to work.

Bella Padget

Class of 2020

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