Robotics Boot Camp/ New Year

Joining the Janksters was the best decision I made in my freshman year. Since the first year of high school is normally just a taste test of all the different options, I sampled more than one extracurricular activity. Trying Performance Choir, Filipino Cultural Dance, and Robotics at the same time is not an easy task, but thankfully, the team helped me cope with sanity and assured me that everything was going to be fine. During the summer before my rookie year, I attended the Robotics Boot Camp, where I learned some engineering skills and met some people who would eventually be my closest friends. With them, I embarked on adventures during build season and competition season, where I was introduced to button hunting, one of my now favorite things to do at a competition. I’ve decided that this year, as a veteran, Robotics would be my main course, with still some flavors of my performing arts background because the social and technical skills I’ve gained by meeting other teams and building the robot itself are characteristics that will eventually help me in the future. Although many say that sophomore year is no longer like the bright and easy path of the freshmen, I am really looking forward to the challenges and successes that we will accomplish this year. Let’s go Janksters!

Jayel Ambat

Class of 2019

Boot camp was an amazing experience for me! We learned many essentials in each robotics category. The freshmen were taught how to CAD, how to safely use power tools, what the marketing team did, and about Arduino. My favorite parts were learning to CAD and to use power tools. We also did many bonding activities like “never have I ever”. These were great ways to connect with other Janksters. Towards the end, we worked in groups to create a Rube Goldberg project promoting teamwork and creativity. It was a fun and educational week!

Maya Kesapradist

Class of 2020


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