CVR (Central Valley Regional)

The Central Valley Regional began on Friday, even though official matches didn’t take place until Saturday. On Friday, many changes were made to the robot. The entire robot was taken apart and put back together all in one day, and luckily the hard work paid off. The belly pan of the robot was much stronger, motors were running smoothly, and the entire robot weighed under the maximum one hundred and twenty pounds. Matches began on Saturday, and things were running smoothly until communication issues between the field and robot began to come up. Even though these problems arose, the team took them in stride and worked hard to fix the issue, learning and having fun along the way. At the end of the competition, even though the robot didn’t perform as well as the team had wanted it to, the team was rewarded with two awards for their hard work: the Imagery Award and the Safety Award. Even with the setbacks, the team had a great learning experience full of fun and competitiveness unlike anything else, connecting with fellow FRC teams throughout the event.



Miyo Imai

Class of 2018

CVR was a great regional once again and this year the team came home with two awards and a Dean’s List Finalist. These were all results of years of hard work towards team branding, safety, structure, and sustainability. When the robot was functioning, it performed amazingly well as it sped through defenses which fit in perfectly with our strategic vision. We did run into some communication problems but after intensive testing, we were able to identify the problem and are working to fix it. I got to bond with my teammates and make new friends which made the experience even better, especially when I got to see my friends get recognized for their achievements too. Can’t wait for SVR!

Minh-Chau Doan

Class of 2017

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