Week 4 of Build

For week 4, my subgroup decided to tackle the designing and CADing of the robot cart. It was really fun and a knowledgeable experiment. Since our subgroup has many miscellaneous projects, it was hard to switch gears, but although it was a challenge, we have an amazing robot cart. And though it will be hard to put this project away for the time being, we will switch gears yet again, this time, onto good bumpers for the robot. Despite being tough, this week was exciting as we’re getting closer to our final robot.

Ayusha Acharya

Class of 2018

I am in the Field Elements group in the Mechanical Committee. This week, I have accomplished to learn more about the chop saw, filing, and using the drill. We have been working on the bumpers and the handles for the robot cart. For me the most fun thing for me during build season so far was to work with my wonderful team and all the other Janksters. I made many new friends by working with my team, and I have learned a lot more about life in robotics as well as school through veterans.  I can’t wait to train the rookies next year!!

Anjali Kasula

Class of 2019

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