Week 3 of Build


As Build Season is passing by quickly, the Janksters struggle to make the most efficient use of their time, but they remain productive and enthusiastic.

In fact, the Electronics Committee is making their finishing touches on their board, which they have been designing through CAD. One of these designs is figuring out how they will wire their board to the chassis.

The Programming Committee has been teaching their rookies valuable skills through experience. The rookies had to make a presentation about gyros and accelerometers that even the veterans ending up learning from! They have also been testing out the electronic board and deploying codes.

The Mechanical Committee has been busy in their different groups:

Field Elements have completed the CADing of the drive station and finished all their prototyping, as well as the mockup.

The Scaling Committee is also working on CADing and are almost done! Through overcoming obstacles as a team, they have bonded greatly, and the rookies have developed the critical thinking required to find easy solution.

Finally, the Chassis group has almost finished making 4 different gearboxes and are trying to complete their portion by their deadline.

Finally, Marketing has made great progress, as they have decided on their final designs and are ready to print. A social media plan has been implemented, and bows are almost completed, as well as the costume for our mascot. They have also created the Robot Reveal invitations, which are ready to send out.

We also had some non-Build Season related events that were really fun! For example, on Saturday, a few 7th graders in the LEAD program came to visit our team, and we had the opportunity to show them our committees firsthand. We can’t wait to meet a new group of students again next year and hope that they join robotics, no matter where they choose to go. ¬†Today, our team took some time to relax and watch¬†Monty Python and the Holy Grail to go with our medieval theme in this year’s competition, Stronghold.

As usual, we could not have done any of this without our amazing sponsors, mentors, and parents. Thanks so much!