Week 2 of Build

Credit to Tamara Kawa

This second week has been an amazing for the Janksteres, who remain productive and diligent.

The Marketing Committee has been making bows that the Janksters will wear at upcoming competitions. They have also finalized giveaways, the annual t-shirt as well as button design, and the design for the team’s standard. A social media plan is now finalized, and updates to our website have been made. A few members were able to attend a Networking Presentation, where they captured the attention of new, generous sponsors.

Our amazing programers have been working hard. They have researched for their daunting task of programming the robot,  including attending a special presentation yesterday, where they has the opportunity to learn more about electronics. The veterans created a challenging quiz to help them stay on task, and they are now forming a plan based on the Mechanical and Electronic components.

The Electronics committee has completed the task of creating a board for the robot and worked on their first electronics project. Not to mention, they have been working tirelessly to complete BOM measurements to make sure the Janksters are ready for competition.

During the past few days, the mechanical sub committees have made progress on their separate projects:

The ball manipulation group has been brainstorming and taking dimensions. They have also finalized their general plan by analyzing what will fit on the chassis.

The scaling group has been pondering the logistics of their mechanism and how to keep that mechanism going. There have been some obstacles, but we have no doubt that their Janky minds will soon find a solution!

Finally, the chassis group has been taking the necessary measurements and they have been CADing, in order to figure out the proper spacings required.

All in all, The Janksters have completed so much in the span of seven days, and we can not thank our mentors and parents enough for their support!

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