Week 1 of Build

Since kickoff, the team has been busy trying to keep up with the previously set deadlines throughout the build season.  We first analyzed the entirety of the game manual, created a strategy, went on to brainstorming, and then finally prototyping.  So far, the prototyping (I was put on the boulder manipulation group) has been my favorite part of build season, even though there is so much more work ahead of us.  As a veteran this year, I’m having fun helping my fellow rookies through the organized chaos that I had to go through last year, and I do hope they are enjoying build season as much as I am.
Miyo Imai
Class of 2018
 The start of build season has been quite tiring, awe inspiring, and very educational. My first brainstorm and chassis prototype group were super complex and detailed, and we had so much fun lamenting over how we were going to build this season’s robot. In our groups we did some intricate math, rattled our brains, and took some hot chocolate breaks. Mentors pitched in their ideas and just like that, we solved problems and created new ones. We shared our ideas and solutions with the team and got great feedback and helpful suggestions. All in all, my first year in robotics is quite the adventure!
Zenaz Sarkari
Class of 2019