2016 FRC Challenge!

Credit to FIRST
 This year’s competition, Stronghold, is played with two alliances of three robots. Both teams are on a Quest to breach their opponents’ defenses, as well as weaken and capture their opponents’ tower with boulders.

There are nine possible defenses, but only five are on the field per Alliance – these are referred to as the “Outer Works”. The low bar is constant throughout each match, but one other is chosen by the audience, and the three remaining are chosen by Alliances. A defense is only reduced when an opposing robot crosses it once, but after being crossed two times, the defense becomes damaged. When four out of the five defenses are damaged, these fortifications are “breached”, so the team that has crossed will be awarded extra points.

During autonomous (first 15 seconds), Alliances can accumulate points through moving to their opponents’ defenses, crossing it, or scoring boulders in their rival tower.

In Teleop (final 2 minutes and 15 seconds), Alliances accumulate points while defending their castle, obtaining as well as scoring boulders, and possibly capturing or scaling their opponents’ tower.

Each Alliance’s tower has a high and low goal, into which boulders will be shot into and if successful, will reduce the tower’s strength. When enough boulders have been scored, the tower can be captured during the last 20 seconds by the rival Alliance surrounding or scaling it.

For more information, take a look at this year’s game manual:

Here is this year’s game animation: