Training Rookies


As I began my third year on this team I noticed many unfamiliar faces fill the small room I have always known as D107. I made my way through the crowd to find my friends to share my excitement, new students, FRESHMEN! I remember telling them that I couldn’t wait to talk to all these new Janksters and get to know them better. At this moment I realized that I was one of those terrified, self-conscious freshmen just two years ago. I too sat alone in one of those desks, surrounded by people I had just met five minutes ago. Sadly, in that moment I had another realization, that it would take time for these freshmen to open up and be comfortable in the Janksters community. This deeper understanding has stuck with me, a month into the school year, I haven’t gotten close to a freshman yet but I am hopeful, because one day, soon, they will be comfortable enough to shout out GO JANKSTERS at games and talk to veterans. That is a day I am waiting for.

Parisa Deokule

Class of 2017

Seeing all the new faces in robotics is utterly amazing. Looking back on my first year in robotics, I can remember how exciting it was to be learning so much so quickly and being opened up to a whole new world, one that I never knew existed. I can’t wait for the new rookies to experience this. Robotics truly changed my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! Rookies, get ready to embrace your nerdiness!

Camille Miller

Class of 2016

The start of a new school year encounters new people, new experiences and of course the reboot team 1967 Janksters. This is my second year on the team and it’s exciting to take on the role of being a veteran instead of a rookie. It will be challenging to take be the teacher instead of the student, however with every new beginning there is something new to learn. Training the rookies is something that I am really looking forward to because I have the opportunity to teach new things on a topic that I am truly passionate about.

Ysabel Zagala

Class of 2016