Egg Drop Activity

The egg drop was very fun because as a result, it was cool to see all the amazing projects done in an hour. I was ready because I had done it in the summer for another camp. When we started, I saw that we had copy paper and I needed it to make a box to hold the egg. We also had tape and newspapers which we used as a padding but then during the summer, I knew that we had straws as well. So I asked for the straws, and luckily the Robotics room had them. We finished the project by putting the straws on the top as additional padding. When we finally tested it, I was sure it would work, because I saw that a group had done it that way and it worked, but unfortunately, I think that the blue tape and newspapers were too heavy, which is why when the egg dropped on the ground, it cracked.

Tania Pham

Class of 2018

When the veterans told us that we were going to be composing an egg drop experiment, I had the perfect plan forming in my mind. My team and I got the materials right when the timer started. They agreed with my idea of what we should do, and we worked with what we had. We ended up covering our egg with 9 layers of protection and making a parachute within a time span of 1 hour. Even though our egg didn’t make it, and even though I don’t plan on joining the mechanical committee, it was still a fun and huge learning experience for me and my teammates. Sometimes the plan that you are so certain will work doesn’t; and you just need to keep testing until you get it right! I can’t wait to continue working with Team 1967.

Alex Huynh

Class of 2019