10 Year Anniversary


By Gillian McGinnis, Class of 2018

On Saturday, August 8, Team 1967 The Janksters celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Notre Dame High School with a gathering of alumnae, mentors, and memorabilia from past years. Originally formed in 2006, our school’s robotics team has worked hard to  not only use fun and creative ideas to build robots, but also to build the confidence of girls interested in STEAM.

The team set up ten tables display our accomplishments and stories for their corresponding year. This included photos, newspaper articles, pieces of the robots, display boards, and more to represent the “evolution” of the Janksters, starting simply as a small team of 7 members in 2006 with the creation of a logo in 2008, and now we are a size of over forty girls in 2015.

As the Learning Commons filled with people, it also filled with smiles, laughter, and anecdotes of their interactions on or with the team. Multiple alums told their stories of the origins of team traditions (such as how to name the robot), as well as silly interactions that happened during build season.

All in all, it was a wonderful commemoration that reminded the Janksters of our roots as a team and brought us back together to celebrate all of our hard work and accomplishments.

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