Team Social

Credit to Alvin

On Friday, April 3rd, the Janksters had a blast at the Team Social with Space Cookies Robotics Team 1868, “Rockin” Bots Team 2035, Presentation Invasion Team 2135, Carrillo Cybernetics Team 5728 , and Mars Style Team 5737!

After an exhausting first day of competition, we were all buzzing with excitement to start the fun night. All the teams walked together to our school, Notre Dame’s, Pardini Park, where there were FIRST frisbees set up. The Social was already off to success, as teams chased frisbees and threw them across the field while laughing and bonding with others.

Once the spectacular meal from the wonderful support by our parents of pizza, salad, and a variety of desserts and fruits was prepared, The Janksters split up, sitting next to other teams and talking the night away.

It was then time to join everyone else on the dance floor, while others went back outside to play with the frisbees and volleyballs. Mars Style was able to stay late and give us beautiful gifts that The Janksters are so grateful for.

Overall it was a great night away from the intensity of competition, and The Janksters can’t wait for the next one.

The robotics team social was probably my favorite moment throughout the whole robotics season. It was a really nice to get to meet with other teams and get to know them! I had a great time dancing with the other teams! I also loved playing games in the dark outside! It was scary but super fun. Can’t wait for next years team social!!

– Stephanie Boyer
Class of 2017