Fourth Week

During these past couple of weeks, our team has been really busy, but we found time to connect and strengthen our bond as a team. On Tuesday, we sat in a circle and shared our funny experiences we had as a Jankster. As a rookie, I am brand new to everything and did not really know what to expect, but I already feel like I am part of the team. I feel like what I benefited from this team are that I developed new skills, expanded my knowledge, as well as built new friend relationships. Going into our 4th week, we know that we are already halfway and these next few weeks are going to be more intense and nerve racking. However, I believe that together, my team, is capable of building an awesome robot and it will be an exhilarating and fun experience to see our robot come together.

– Kathy Hoang

Class of 2017

Week 4 of build season has come to a close, and the Janksters are still steadily working their way towards a working robot. Hitting the halfway point of build season added a greater sense of urgency to our work; we are all definitely feeling the time crunch now. This past week, however, I have been excited to see this increased urgency translate into progress. Several mechanical subgroups–specifically our chassis group and “boxlift”/lifting mechanism group–have started manufacturing parts and building the physical structure of our robot.


I have also been very impressed with how all of the Janksters, both rookies and veterans, have risen to the challenges of build season. After only 4 weeks, I have seen incredible growth in technical knowledge, leadership, and communication skills. There is still a lot of work to be done before we have this year’s robot, and there’s always more to be learned, so I am looking forward to seeing how much we progress in the next 2 weeks.

– Regina Walker

Class of 2015