Food and Fun

Phew. Finally done with Build Season, though there’s still a lot of work left to do. These last 6 weeks have been really tiring and busy, with students working long hours to finish building our robot. But I think it was all worth it when we got most of our robot working. I’m pretty sure most of us thought that we wouldn’t have a working robot, no matter how hard we pushed ourselves, so it was awesome to see everything slowly coming together and then finally working.

– Yashna Bansal

Class of 2017

Food and Fun? In only one entry? This should be two different entries. Where do I even start? Food is great with the Janksters. Mentors and parents bring in the best food. We’ve gotten milk tea and CREAM for the whole team. We get bagels in the mornings sometimes and don’t get me started on the snicker-doodles one of the moms bring in. I don’t know what I would do without all of the great food that comes in from the parents. Building and thinking is hard when you’re running on an empty stomach after all. But we don’t just build and think. We have fun too. Now that build season’s over we’ll be having our annual trip to Ben and Jerry’s to name the robot. I love staying late at robotics because even though I come home with no motive or time to do homework, it’s just so much fun. Not many people stay late so you get to bond a whole lot more and just have a great time while working hard. Spending so much time with the girls means that everyone knows each other a whole lot better, be it through belting songs while building or struggling through CAD while telling corny pick-up lines. (Or maybe that’s just for mechanical and electronics.)

– Minh-Chau Doan

Class of 2017