Second Week

January 24, 2015

A lot of prototyping of many different ideas happened in the second week of build season. In each group, we worked on making prototypes and finding solutions to potential problems with them. We also started figuring out which prototypes we would be putting on the robot and how we would do that. There were five whole work days to make great progress because of the semester break. The two weeks were very exciting, and I am looking forward to continuing work on the robot.

Elaine Duh
Class of 2018

Robotics is more than a club, to me, it is a family. This years game is Recycle Rush and it has been both exciting and nerve racking. The game itself is really cool because I am in APES and it connects both environmental science and technology together. Although it is exciting, Recycle Rush is also a bit nerve racking because of how complicated and sophisticated it is. Lucky for me, my student run team is very optimistic and hardworking that there was no way I could be nervous for long. This team has allowed me to improve my communicating skills and become more patient and understanding. Overall, I am extremely excited and I cannot wait until I see how our robot turns out!

Megha Mallya
Class of 2016

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