First Week

When build season started, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that there were going to be longer days, but that was about all I knew. When it started, I quickly found that it was more than just longer days. We were split into groups to work on things from experimenting to strategy. But what I soon realized was that the days didn’t feel as long as I thought they would. Over the next few days, we all made a lot of progress. I’m looking forward to be able to keep working on everything.

–Hannah Patrignani

Class of 2018

As soon as the 2015 FRC game, Recycle Rush, was revealed the first week of build season had begun! The brainstorming began, we brainstormed many strategies for stacking and scoring. We also went to the gym and played the game as if we were the robots. That was a fun way for us to understand the game. We then started using legos to make basic prototypes for mechanisms. I am looking forward to an exciting build season!

– Ishika Narain

Class of 2017