VEX Robots

The VEX robots brought together many friends and ideas. I think that I learned about what some of the commities my group members are good at. I was a good experience because we got to learn what we were good at and we got to learn about how others think. I would have liked to see the course instead of programming without know what the course would look like. I learned that a lot of the screws could come unfastend really easily. This is one of the reasons it took a long time to make the robots. Our robot was supposed go through a maze pushing or some how getting PVC pipes to the other end of the maze. Overall, I had a lot of fun making this robot.

–Amber Kesapradist

Class of 2018

Using VEX was kind of intimidating at first. When we got all of the materiels we needed, the first thing that I saw was the huge binder filled with information ranging from how to assemble the actual robot, to how to programm it. The robot itself was just a jumble of parts that somehow had to come together to make a functioning robot that could pick up PVC pipes. I later discovered that it was not as hard as it seemed. We all worked together, and soon enough, we had a functioning robot that could drive around (sometimes into the occasional chair) All in all, it gave me a pretty good idea of what building the actual robot could be like.

–Hannah Patrignani

Class of 2018