Scratch Workshop

Learning Scratch from Ms. Duffin, Notre Dame’s technology, engineering, and design program head, was quite the experience. I entered the workshop, not really knowing what to expect. In fact, I thought Scratch was pretty sketch. I also wasn’t sure how dragging differently colored rectangles had anything to do with programming. As I experimented more on Scratch (using the tutorial), I saw that it had extreme relevance to programming, especially the logic aspect of it. We had some technology problems at first as one should expect from Notre Dame’s brilliant technology but I learned a lot and greatly enjoyed the workshop. I feel confident in my ability to help others on Notre Dame’s Hour of Code Day and look forward to it.

– Minh-Chau Doan

Class of 2017

I had a blast learning how to use the program Scratch.  Everyone played around on Scratch to figure out the basics themselves, and everyone enjoyed looking at what other people had done in the end.  We all had a laugh putting together backgrounds and sprites and strange noises to form images and stories.  At the end of the session, everyone put together a pirate story.  Using the images that were given to us, we individually made a story or interactive game with Scratch.  Although everyone was at first somewhat uneasy about learning a new form of programming, especially those of us who had no experience whatsoever, we all had a great time playing around with it.  I am sure we are all more eager to learn about programming by the end of this year.

– Miyo Imai

Class of 2018