Light the Night Walk

While driving to the cancer walk last Saturday, I had no idea what I was about to experience. Before this, I’d never been to any kind of fundraising walk, so I wasn’t expecting too many people to show up. However, once I reached Discovery Meadow, where the walk would begin, I became so surprised. With so many people of various ages there to support the event, finding parking itself was difficult. The park was filled with people holding red, white, and yellow lanterns, and they set up several booths, representing the teams for the walk. People with white lanterns were the survivors, yellow lanterns were held in the memory of family and friends, and red lanterns marked all the supporters. It was so inspiring to see everyone come together for the Light the Night Walk under one goal, to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma. The highlight of the whole experience was listening to Mimi’s incredible speech. All of the Janksters gathered in front of the stage during her speech, chanting “Mimi! Mimi!” It was such a memorable moment that motivated me to have an active role in my community throughout my life. The walk itself, which began after opening speeches, was so much fun. The Janksters all walked together, occasionally singing songs along the way. Holding lanterns in the night created a very beautiful image, and some drivers even began to press their horns in support of our walk. The amount of energy people brought to the event was truly amazing. Overall, the night was extremely enjoyable, and I will definitely participate in this event again next year.

–Mahima Chillakanti

Class of 2018