Thoughts on the New Year

Last year, our team had 20-25 student, out of which only 6 were returning veterans. This year, we have 20 veterans (which is over 3 times as much as last year!) and about 20 rookies as well. To be completely honest, I was, and still am, nervous about having such a huge team since we’ve never really had 30+ students (forget 40+) on the team before. At the same time, I’m a little excited to see how much we can improve our team and how we’ll expand this upcoming year. Having triple the amount of veterans from last year, this year’s Build Season and everything before and after that will be a lot smoother. With a lot more Jankster experience, I, personally, feel we’ll be able to expand our opportunities and ideas to include things that weren’t possible last year–like putting googly eyes on our robot!!

Yashna Bansal
Class of 2017

I am extremely excited to start this new year with so many new students! Since we have many grade levels on our leadership team, it’s awesome to see different perspectives and hear different ideas. Compared to the smallish team we had last year, this is VERY new for us, and I have a feeling that there are many good things to come. In addition, the whole last year, we rookies were the ones being taught, and now we’re going to be the teachers. As frightening as that is, I think all the veterans can agree that we have so much to teach them and can’t wait to see their knowledgable selfs by the end of this year.

Rabab Karimjee
Class of 2017


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