2014 Aerial Assist

The 2014 FRC challenge is called Aerial Assist. Aerial Assist is played by two competing alliances in a 25 x 54 foot field with a truss in the middle, suspended 5 feet above the ground. The purpose of the game is to score as many balls as possible into a goal within a 2 min 30 sec match. The more the Alliances work together, the more points they receive.

The match starts with an Autonomous Period (10 seconds), in which each robots attempt to earn extra points by operating without its driver and scoring as many balls as possible into a goal. The robot can earn even more points by moving into its zone and scoring into a “hot” goal.

In the rest of their time (2 min 20 sec) , drivers control their robots, and each Alliance has only one ball, which can be thrown over the truss, caught by another robot, and shot into either a high or low goal. Here is this year’s game animation: